Welcome to our new Online Registration System.

We have implemented these changes because so many of you have requested a more timely response to your workshop choices.

Instructions for Quilter’s Affair Registration:
Before you begin, please read all of these instructions thoroughly.

You must create an account to checkout.

If the workshops are not sorted by class number,  click the small arrow right above the first listing at the top left—that is your sort order. Set it to “Name” and it will re-sort everything so the classes are in order.

You only need to pick your first choice

(If you add second and third choices, you will also be charged for them!)

If a class is full, the Shopping Cart will let you know when you go to check out.

Once your order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation email. This will indicate what classes, lunches, lectures, or special events you have purchased (and are enrolled in). 

Don’t forget to add in any lectures, evening programs, and special events you would like to attend, you can also sign up for your sack lunches at the same time. If you forget, please email Lawry@StitchinPost.com to add them.

You may sign up more than one person for your class, BUT

you will need to put ALL of their contact information in the “comments” box that shows up when you register or sign in.
Lawry will contact you to charge out  the additional registration fees for each extra person.

If you go back, or return to the web site at a later date, to add to your registration, you WILL be charged the initial registration fee again. Please email Lawry@StitchinPost.com to add them.   (A change fee of $10 will apply to major changes.)

Any communication in reference to registration must be directed to Lawry Thorn by email: Lawry Thorn

Click the Classes Button to see a list of available classes. Then Click the Register Button to register for your classes. Finally, click the Supplies Button to shop for supplies for the classes you've chosen.


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